The HeartSync Compassionate Care Project

The Mission: To Help   Nurses, Healthcare Professionals, and Caregivers, Relieve Stress, Recognize,  Prevent,  and Recover From Secondary Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout and Restore Emotional Resilience  

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the R.N.workforce is expected to grow from 2.71 million in 2012 to 3.24 million in 2022. By 2020 the US will face a shortage of 800,000 nurses. More than 75% of nurses surveyed believe the nursing shortage is a catalyst for increasing stress on nurses (98%) lowering the quality of care (93%) and causing nurses to burn out and leave the profession (93%)

  A Perfect Storm Is Brewing 

Ask any nurse and they will tell you that caring for others is both fulfilling and rewarding and the reason most chose to become a nurse. Making a difference is what drives a nurse. Empathy, compassion, and kindness are three qualities patients often use to describe the qualities they look for in a nurse..

There's a perfect storm brewing inside healthcare. Ask any nurse. Many nurses today are struggling because they don't feel empathetic, kind, and compassionate but rather mentally and physically exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed, disconnected from their patients, their loved ones, and especially from themselves. Many express they are feeling sad and guilty because they've lost their passion for nursing and feel like giving up and walking away from a profession they used to love.

Staffing shortages, heavy workloads, long hours, and changing regulatory requirements, and overwhelming paperwork are just a few of the demands that challenge nurses, add stress and pressure to their job, and can lead to job dissatisfaction, compassion fatigue, burnout,  All of which cause nurses to leave the profession and contribute to the nursing shortage.     


Are You At Risk For Compassion Fatigue or Burnout?

Compassion fatigue is a unique form of burnout that affects individuals in the caring professions. It's defined as a secondary traumatic stress reaction which results from helping others or the desire to help others suffering from traumatic events.

Symptoms are nearly identical to PTSD and include anxiety and persistent arousal, difficulty falling or staying asleep, irritability or outbursts of anger, and a reduced capacity for or interest in being empathetic towards the suffering of others.

Compassion Fatigue has a sudden onset verses burnout which has a gradual onset but similar symptoms. Compassion Fatigue results from witnessing another's traumatic events while burnout is a result from dissatisfaction working conditions.  Both result in a nurses sense of emotional/physical exhaustion and can occur simultaneously.

Does This Sound Like You?

•  82% of nurses recently surveyed identified overwhelming workplace stress as their #1 health and safety risk

• 60% report working through their breaks, staying late/coming in early to complete their work

• More than 50% report their usual scheduled shift is 10+ hours or longer

• Up to 50% have been bullied in some manner at work

 • More than 50% report experiencing musculoskeletal pain at work

• Almost 25% have been physically assaulted at work

• More than 18% have been diagnosed with depression compared to the national prevalence of 9%

• 37% are experiencing burnout and have considered leaving the profession altogether

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"Working with Nancy Philpott, R.N. will transform your life. Her work produces real results. "

Christa McDonald, R.N.
Founder-Cherished Connections Hopsice

"If you are trying to accomplish something… If you think that you have tried everything… If you think you have given it your all… Right before you give up, call Nancy Philpott."

Kara Kauk, R.D.
Registered Dietician

"I know for a fact if I had not gone to Nancy, I would not be here today. I had reached the very end of my rope. At that time hanging on was not an option. I just wanted to let go. Nancy's expertise, along with her loving heart and compassion for her clients pulled me through the darkest valley I walked in. She showed my strength, what was holding me back, and walked with me all along the way. I had given up on everything I loved to do. Today I am a different person."

Katherine K.


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