The HeartSync Compassionate Care Project

We Help You Relieve Stress and Pain  Rebuild Emotional Resilience, and Resuscitate Your Health  


According to the National Institute of Health 50 million Americans Live With Chronic Pain.  43.5 Million Caregivers Provide 16.5 Hours or More Per Week of Unpaid Care for Adults With Chronic Pain and Other Health Conditions While Maintaining  a Full-Time Job. Many Report Feeling Overwhelmed, Overworked, Stressed Out, and in Physical and Emotional Pain. Many Are at Risk for Secondary Traumatic Stress Also Known as Compassion Fatigue.

We Created Two HeartSync Mastery Programs to Help You Relieve Stress and Pain, Rebuild Emotional Resilience, Resuscitate Your Health

Stress Relief E-Challenge

Join our FREE E-Challenge and Discover How to Reset Your Internal Emotional Compass and Achieve Stress Relief in a Heartbeat.  

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Stress Relief Mastery

Register for Our 6 Week Relief Mastery Program and  Discover How to Tap In, Tune Up, and Rewire Your Brain to Release Pain, Stress and Anxiety, Reset Your Emotional Compass, and Reclaim the Connected, Compassionate, Empathetic  Person Inside You.  

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"Working with Nancy Philpott, R.N. will transform your life. Her work produces real results. "

Christa McDonald, R.N.
Founder-Cherished Connections Hopsice

"If you are trying to accomplish something… If you think that you have tried everything… If you think you have given it your all… Right before you give up, call Nancy Philpott."

Kara Kauk, R.D.
Registered Dietician

"I know for a fact if I had not gone to Nancy, I would not be here today. I had reached the very end of my rope. At that time hanging on was not an option. I just wanted to let go. Nancy's expertise, along with her loving heart and compassion for her clients pulled me through the darkest valley I walked in. She showed my strength, what was holding me back, and walked with me all along the way. I had given up on everything I loved to do. Today I am a different person."

Katherine K.


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