Health and Emotions-Are Your Emotions Making You Sick?

As medical science struggles to understand the direct correlation of the mind-body connection, it is becoming more apparent that our emotions can choreograph the interaction the brain has with every cell of our body, and vice-versa. What is recently coming to light is that the condition of our emotional health and our overall emotional well-being play a direct role in our mental, emotional and physical health. While a poorly functioning emotional state can have a debilitating effect on the body and create illness, ailments and disease, optimal emotional health can provide an active role in the healing process.

Emotions Control Our Immune System

 Clinical studies are showing the effect emotions have on the nerves, hormones and molecules that connect the brain directly with our immune system. This connection from the body to the brain can signal the immune system and make us much more vulnerable to many types of illnesses. Additionally, the immune system has the ability to send...

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Are You on the Verge of Compassion Fatigue?

Is it possible that you are on the verge of or experiencing compassion fatigue?

Do you hear a little voice in your head whispering "How would I know?"

If you've been feeling overwhelmed, overworked, mentally and physically exhausted, and you or others have noticed that you seem irritable and have become emotionally distant or pulled away.

I have some concerns that you may be on the verge or have developed it without knowing it.

Compassion Fatigue is a unique form of burnout that affects individuals in the caring professions and caregivers. It's a secondary traumatic stress reaction resulting from helping or desiring to help a person suffering from traumatic events. It results in a state of mental and physical exhaustion.

The symptoms are nearly identical to PTSD except it applies to caregivers who are affected by the trauma of others. Sound familiar?

I’m absolutely committed to help you retrain your brain to tap in and turn off those feelings of fear, worry, and...

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The Physiology of Emotions-How & Why You Feel What You Are Feeling

The mind-body connection of our personalities is the physiology of emotions, or our ability to understand why we feel the way we do. It has only been in the last few decades or so that we have looked at the mind-body as connected entities. We now know that the neuropeptides that are secreted from the endocrine system and immune system have a constant interaction with receptors within the brain. This two-way connection provides a level of communication that is only now being understood.

 The Interconnection of Mind and Body

 Many medical doctors, social workers and doctors of philosophy understand that there is a direct correlation between the body and the brain and vice-versa. Once thought that the mind was harbored in the brain, they now understand it actually exists in the communication network throughout the entire body. It is not simply a mechanical expression, but a consciousness manifestation that exists at the cellular level throughout the body and in the brain.


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